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Samathy is looking for work!


Home Location: Nottingham

Remote/Onsite/Commuting: Remote strongly preferred, Nottingham/Derby UK Onsite, commuting considered depending on location and office hours.

Full-Time, Permanent. Contracting considered.

I recently graduated from Coventry University Computer Science (1st with honours) in May 2018 and just finished a contract with CodeWeavers working on the Wine project.

I am looking for a new position to start immediately.

My field is software engineering. I specialise in working on lower-level technical problems in languages like C++, Java, D and Python. I'm a huge lover of Free and Open Source Software. Linux is my primary platform with 98% of my favored tools and technologies being FOSS. Of course, Windows and other platforms are never a problem. Just different.

I'd be looking for a permanent position. I'd really like to be working remotely from my home in Nottingham, or onsite in or around Nottingham, UK, but will certainly consider offers of commuting or part-time commuting (such as a job in London). I speak rudimentary German, having been learning for 3 years.

Please have a mooch around my information below, and do get in touch if you'd like to talk further about what I'm looking for, or to tell me about any positions you have, or if you know of anyone with any positions I might want to look into!

Contact me at:

Technical skills

Samathy Barratt is a computer scientist and software engineer. She primarily works in the following languages: C++, C, Python, D. But can be productive in other languages too, like PHP, Java and Visual Basic (both VB.NET and VBA).

She has interests in emerging technologies like graph databases, new programming languages and much more. This often changes as new things come out.

Samathy is a very advanced GNU/Linux user. She uses GNU/Linux on every system, server and desktop, and has done for over 5 years. She is completely agnostic to particular distributions, Linux is Linux. She can also use BSDs.


Samathy has the following relevant Work Experience. Please look at her CV for further information.


Samathy has given several talks!

Hackathons and competitions

Samathy has participated in a bunch of things!

She has competed in a few hackathons and done fairly well

Community interests

Samathy is very passionate about her community, especially the LGBTQ+ element of that community.

She is a Trustee of Coventry Pride and works as Vice Chair.

Samathy has been a Coventry Pride trustee since 2015, previously co-lead on the Press and Publicity subcomittee.

In addition to Coventry Pride - Samathy also works in the Women in Tech space. She regularly attends Women in Tech Nottingham - a meetup in central Notts.

She has also spoken at a Women in Tech conference at University of Birmingham

Photographic interests

Samathy is a freelance photographer specialising in event photography.

She works with Gay Pride Pics to 'capture the experience' of LGBT+ Pride events around the country.

She also works for other organisations offering her services for any events.


Samathy's CV is here

Samathy's CV is way too small to talk about everything she does

It was made in LaTeX for ultimate prettiness