Samathy Barratt

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Technical interests

I primarily work in: Python, D and C++. I have interests in emerging technologies like graph databases, new programming languages and much more. This often changes as new things come out. Currently, I'm interested in compiler development. I'm writing a C99 compiler in D.

Personal computing

I like to use Linux on all my systems, laptops and servers alike.

Community interests

I am very passionate about my community. Currently I sit on the board of Nottingham Hackspace as a Trustee.

I am also an LGBT+ activist. For several years, I was a Trustee of Coventry Pride working in the Press and Publicity subcommittee and later as Vice Chair.

I can often be found at tech meetups in Nottingham, like Women in Tech, or Tech Nottingham.

Photographic interests

On weekends, I'm a freelance photographer specialising in event photography. I work with with Pride Pics to 'capture the experience' of LGBT+ Pride events around the country.

I can be hired for conferences and other events.


You can find my CV here.

Other hobbies

I'm a maker, I make things.

I play guitar, mostly blues and jazz.

I read books. I love The Expanse series.

I like StarTrek. Voyager is the best.