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A Simple site with Vibe-d

Welcome to my new blog, isnt it wonderful! After the gradual downfall of Medium, where my last blog was hosted, I've decided to self-host something for my rare blog posts.

I asked on Twitter for suggestions as to ways to self-host a blog, since I'm a little out of touch with the current best things available. The best suggestion for my purposes, by far, was Jekyll.


I'm me, and I wanted to try out leading D language project, Vibe.d. So here it is! You're reading a page served with Vibe-d.

You can find the source code for this site Here. Its fairly simple, with the most complex parts being for handling sorting the blogposts properly.

Essentially, most of the pages are Diet templates filled with some static content ( in Markdown ). The blog posts are pretty much the same, except theres some logic for displaying the latest one, and allowing selection of the next and previous post.

I'm happy that the code is so small, that there is very little that could possible go awfully wrong. Not that I get enough traffic for it to really matter!

I'll be deploying by pushing to my GH repo, and logging in and updating the clone on my server. Simple, a bit manual, but very low effort.

Potential improvements for the site may well be caching the parsing of the Markdown to improve response times to things that are read a lot. But for now, I'll just leave it as this!



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