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#Tools Are Exciting

Tags: Blog, programming, software, engineering, tools

This is a blog post in inspired by a twitter thread by my friend David.

David wrote about how he thinks its weird that programmers tend to obsess over their tools. He thinks that its odd to get excited about a tool when you're just using it.

I disagree.

This isn't a dig at David, a person I respect and admire who is entitled to his own opinions. I do want to express my own opinion on the subject though.

Its completely fine to have tools which you just use. Tools are a means to an end, they help you achieve the task you set out to achieve. Not all tools are perfect, many are not very interesting. Some make the job easier, but are not exactly nice ( Git, anyone? ).

In software engineering a tool might be the programming language you're working in. It might be the testing framework you're using, or the build system.

David mentions that he thinks its okay to be excited about making a tool that solves your problem, but not about using a tool that solves your problem.

I think all those things can be exciting as you use them. If they're good tools, which perfectly solve your problem, it can be pleasurable to be able to pick them up and use them.

Imagine you found out about a framework on Hacker News one time, you starred it on GitHub. You tried it out a couple times and enjoyed learning the new tool, but you don't have any real work to do with it yet.

Then, you come to develop a widget and realise that that framework you found would be perfect for helping you with your widget. You're excited that you know of a perfect tool to solve your problem. You're excited that this task is going to be easier than it would without the tool.

While you work on the widget, you can enjoy calling a function that simplifies a process you know would have otherwise been complicated. You take pleasure in the beauty of how well those data structures encapsulate the data you're dealing with. You wonder "Can I do this..." and of course you can!

The framework was engineered well and using it is enjoyable and exciting because it solves your problems perfectly and makes it easy to get stuff done.

When you get a chance, you share your love of this tool with other software engineers so that they might discover just how nice the framework is to use for widget development.

Personally, I love the opportunity to use Dlang to construct software solutions. I am excited by using it, because its such a great language that works in a way that I enjoy and fits with the way I think about programming.

This applies not just to software. People who make physical things can take great pleasure in constructing or discovering the perfect tool to help them with their work. I once made a table with a friend for my local Hackspace. We enjoyed the process of making the table, sizing it up correctly, buying the materials and finally the manufacture and finishing of it.

I take pleasure in using that table every time I get the opportunity too. It perfectly solves the problem of not enough work space in the electronics area. Its in exactly the right place, its the right height and depth. Its not a visually beautiful table, but its a beautiful table because it works for me in exactly the way I need it too. Every time I need more space for spreading out an electronics table, I am excited by the opportunity to use that table ( and the hackspace in general ) that I make the journey. I could stay at home and make do, but I enjoy it.

If no one was excited by using a tool, would you ever actually make better tools? You have a tool which is adequate for your needs, but not perfect. If you know tools can't be exciting to use, why would you attempt to solve your problem and make it better? When you think about it, the only reason to make a better tool is because it makes your life easier, I don't know how you can't enjoy and be excited about using something that makes your life easier. If the tool you're using doesn't excite you, find a different tool.

Programming languages, testing frameworks, screwdrivers and jigs; tools can be exciting, a pleasure to use and beautiful.